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Loger Acierto

Loger has been in the art industry for approximately 25 years.  He attended Emily Carr about 18 years ago and he gained more experience by being part of the art team for the first Coca Cola Polar Bear commercial. He then started working doing sculpted glass, which he has been doing for 15 years. Many million dollar homes display his fine glass work all over the world. One of his well known pieces is displayed at the Vancouver International Airport, called the Great Blue Wave.

Loger began tattooing about 10 years ago.This all started when Kelly Brookes, who he has be friends with since he was a teenager asked him if he would like to try doing tattoos.  His first piece was done on Kelly's leg and from there, the fun of tattooing was in his blood.  Since then he has been doing tattoos on clients from around the globe. He does many styles of tattoos, from the very simple to the very elaborate.

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Jayson Davidson

Biography and more photos coming soon..

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