At Westcoast Piercing and Ink we carry only the highest quality Implant Grade fine body jewelry. 
Our jewelry is supplied by the best jewelry manufacturers in the industry, 
which includes Anatometal, Industrial Strength and LeRoi.
The quality of the jewelry you are pierced with plays a large role in how your piercing heals.
Doesn't your body deserve the BEST

We carry over 250,000 combinations of jewelry!
Prices listed below include our basic jewelry, however, you can always upgrade.
(eg. navel piercing from a basic plain Implant Steel Barbell to a BLING Barbell add $40)  

Piercing Prices
Any Basic Piercing ( jewelry not inc.)                                                                        $50
Any Custom/Genital Piercing ( jewelry not inc.)                                              $70
(pairs of ears, nipples etc. are discounted to this rate)

Any Basic Piercing, including a Steel Captive Bead Ring                                        $65      
Any Basic Piercing, including a Steel Internally Threaded Barbell                            $95
Any Custom/Genital Piercing, including a Steel Captive Bead Ring               $85
Any Custom/Genital Piercing, including a Steel Internally Threaded Barbell            $115
Upgrade to Titanium                                                                                                   $5 - $20

Surface Piercing Prices
Piercing with Titanium  Internally Threaded Surface Bar                                           $135
Piercing with Titanium Surface Anchor (top sold separately)                                    $95    

Discounts on Multiple Surface Anchors
SAVE 25% Off second piercing service fee
SAVE 75% Off third piercing service fee
Pay only ONE piercing service fee when doing 5 Surface Anchors (save $180)

Other Service Prices
Basic Insertion/Removal $10
Advanced Insertion/Removal $20
Stretching                                                                                 $10
Surface Anchor Removal                                                                    $25 p/15min
Sterilization Fee $10
Freezing/Numbing $10

If you have any questions or require further information please call us at 604 584 (BODY) 2639 or email We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yes we pierce babies ears! Appointments are mandatory and are booked by our availability. All appointments require a one hour time slot and may occasionally take longer. For ease of healing, jewelry must be Titanium or 18K Gold.

Receive 5% off your ENTIRE BILL for all pre-booked appointments. (min. 24 hrs. in advance)

Birthday Special 
Come in on your birthday with your picture ID, and you'll receive a 50% off on any piercing service. (limit 2)
Group Rates 

Receive 15% off your ENTIRE BILL for all pre-booked appointments of 5 or more piercings. (min. 24 hrs. in advance) (Does not have to be all on one person)

Layaway Plan 


Down Payment: 10% of Total Purchase plus $5 Service Charge

Minimums: Total Purchase must be over $100
Each Item must be over $15
Terms: Final Payment and Pick Up within 60 DAYS FROM PURCHASE DATE
Note: All items not picked up and/or paid for within 60 DAYS will be cancelled.
All monies will be returned less a 15% restocking fee. Accounts left dormant over 90 DAYS will lose all deposits.


Tattoo Deposits: A $70 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book ALL tattoo appointments and may be applied to a rescheduled time, within 1 year, providing the cancellation was received a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment. There are NO REFUNDS for TATTOO DEPOSITS and your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice.

Pre-designed pieces (flash) or designs which require minimal changes       $140 per hour
Minimum sitting fee (up to 30 min.)                                                                $70
Custom Pieces - quote                                                                                   $ varies
Custom Drawings (art drawn for you)                                                            $100 per hour


All branding services require a booked consultation and require a $70 deposit to  book your procedure time. Rates start at $100