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From: Regional Health Inspector

Mr. Brookes obtained approval from our office to conduct business on June 6th of 2001. At that time not only did his operation meet Health Act Personal Service Establishments Regulation B.C. Reg 202/83 and B.C. Reg 181/88, it exceeded our requirements. Mr. Brookes has been instrumental in developing policies, guidelines and regional requirements.

He currently maintains an excellent record of inspections and compliance with all regulations and policies.
Brian Zacharias CPHI(C)

I had Julie do my nose piercing and I had very bad anxiety about it since I had got my helix(upper cartilage) pierced a year prior at a different place and it was excruciatingly painful. She told me everything she was doing and why. I didn't feel the piercing at all and she helped me pick everything I needed to keep my piercing healthy. I recommend West-coast to all my friends wanting piercings.



I went there to get my belly button pierced and I was amazed at how clean everything was.  Everyone who worked there was very nice and took me in even though I didn't have an appointment.  I later learned that they were both 100% qualified professionals.  I assumed before that almost every piercer in a piercing shop was a trained professional.  This really makes me want to come back.  My belly button piercing looks great and I had no problem healing it.  They were also very knowledgeable about how to care for it and went over all the safety and healing instructions with me (something that a lot of piercing places no longer do).  I would also like to add that I really like the fact that they continue to go to conferences hosted by The Association of Professional Piercers.  Overall a very nice place to go and get a piercing.  I plan on going there again to get my nose pierced. Highly recommend.
Best service by the staff (Jewels and Kelly) at Westcoast Piercing and Ink...
Been all over the world, and have never learned so much in one place.
Excited to see my order when it comes in from Anatometal and to check out the new shop and their new showcase!
Amazing selection and top notch quality jewelry and staff.

Won't be shopping anywhere else!

It doesn't look like much from the parking lot, but as soon as you walk in the door you can sense the professionalism and the clean. Everything is well laid out, well labelled and there's a plethora of examples, diagrams and is very newb friendly. The staff is friendly with a sense of humour and incredibly patient to explain everything. I was offered alternatives and options without once being pressured or feeling like I was being 'up sold'. I was given an informed opinion and then left to make my own choice. There was *never* any pressure. I hadn't had any properly done piercings before. Some earrings, a nose ring done at a booth downtown, I had no clue what I was doing and am incredibly grateful to their patience, teaching and professional demeanor. I would recommend them in a heartbeat and will be back!


You guys are seriously the best piercing place ever. Care so much about your customers and help us with any problems we encounter with our piercings. Been comin here for 6 years for all like 15 of my piercings and never ever had a problem. Thanks for being so great! I would never even consider going to another piercing shop. You guys are the best!!!PS Kelly, chef didn't notice the retainers in my ears so thank you!!!!!! :D

Sim S.

To start out,I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the store was inside. You would never guess from the outide. A friend recommended them to me for really knowing there stuff and awesome jewellery.I had my navel pierced and my friend had her monroe pierced. The ladys name was Julie and she was wonderful. Very informative and kind. I will never go anywhere else! They were amazing.

Karen, Maple Ridge

I just wanted to say Julie is the best piercer...I had piercing done from her many of my piercing fell out and I went to another place called Paul's Piercing to get it back in so my piercing hole doesn't close...omg the most terrible experience I had..she pierced me again all wrong!! Julie was so gentle compared to this lady...who only had 7 month experience....I will never make the MISTAKE of going anywhere else other than U GUYS!!!!!!


I just wanted to say thank you and I was very impressed by how clean your shop was I had never really been in a piercing place since I was about 5. I kind of expected it to be a little bit dirty but I was wrong and also how much information the people there knew about what they were doing it was a big help and you did it all and still made me laugh. I told all my friends about your shop...

Surrey, B.C.

I got my right nostril pierced at the Cloverdale rodeo and my buddy got his nipple done. Wanted to let you guys know what a great job you did. I was very happy with the service and extremely happy with my piercing.

You guys rock!
Dave Lilley

So I came in today to get my tongue pierced and I have to say it was the easiest thing ever. You guys were very friendly plus you made sure I knew how to take care of it. I'm really surprised because my tongue isn't swelling at all and now that I'm semi-used to the feeling of a bar being in my mouth I can talk fine. I can even eat. I can see the healing period for this one being really short. Thanks again!

Amanda M.

Just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN!! I really appreciate the time you spent on my navel at lunch today! Very kind of you!!! I'll definitely be back to have a look at your jewelry - I'll also highly recommend you to anyone looking for a piercing. You're the best! Wish I'd come to you first!!! Thanks!!!


TO: Kelly and crew, Thanks!
I was in Dec 31 with my daughter Victoria and friend Rachel (navel and nose). I have never thought of piercing for myself, much more a tattoo girl - but you made the experience for Victoria a good one. (So much so I fear more piercings are in her future!!) I was impressed by your commitment to ensure your clients are well informed as to what they are getting into and what the aftercare that is required is. I just wanted to say Thank you for a good experience. Thank you for a clean shop, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a sense of humour about it all!

We will be passing on your name to anyone looking for a piercer!

Thank you!
Victoria's Mom

....We are very happy with our piercings (even though my ear still hurts like sh*t), and I have already had many compliments on my nose stud. I have already given my spare business card away. I should have grabbed a few more. Thanks again for a good piercing, great clean environment, very informative aftercare and your knowledge of placement of the piercings.

Kim K.

...I felt so comfortable in your place that not only did my daughter have her nose pierced, but I did also. Now she has a hoop and I have a screw. You made it seem so easy! and it was! I am very pleased with my nose piercing and so is my daughter.

All in all Kelly, it was a great experience and I have told everyone that I know, if they are even going to consider a piercing - yes, even their ears, to go to you!

Surrey, B.C.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome webbing piercing (between thumb & pointer) you did for me last thursday. It doesn't hurt at all now, no redness & it looks awesome!!!!

I've wanted to get this piercing done since I was 12, I actually tried to pierce it myself but that's a long story...... Thanks for being as knowledgeable & caring as you are about

people and their piercings.

Angel :)

Dear Westcoast Piercing Guy,

As the school year comes quickly to a close we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support and participation in our Career Education Programs. Each year, thousands of our secondary students request work placements in our community. We never cease to be impressed by the support and generosity that our business and industry partners provide for our youth.

Your involvement enables our Career Education Programs to expand opportunities for students. Your participation assists youth to make informed decisions regarding their future and gain access to specialized equipment facilities.

This is a true partnership between business, industry and education, mutually beneficial to all participants. Some of the benefits will be realized over the long term as our students become higher skilled and better prepared to enter the workforce. You, Westcoast Piercing Guy, are recognized as a caring and responsible community-minded employer.

We look forward to your continued support in the new school year.

Yours truly,
Robert E Chadwick
Associate Superintendent

Michele Dirksen & Vicki Munn
Career Education Coordinators

I am a parent of a17 year old male who is very intrigued by the entire piercing experience.

I have taken the time to read your web site and must tell you that even though I may not like the piercing (some more than others) it makes me feel much better as a parent to know that your establishment is where he and his friends go to get pierced. I am relieved that you take such preventative measures to ensure cleanliness and professionalism and I am even more thankful that you have the reputation you do so these young people can express themselves in a safe and well-informed environment. As a parent who does not fully agree I would like to thank you for providing your services in the way in which you do because injury and disease are my worst fears.

Surrey, B.C.

I appreciate you taking the time to be thorough when explaining things... I had my nose pierced 8 days ago and things are going well with it. One wouldn't even think I had it pierced such a short time ago, as it looks so healed on the outside. (By the way, I love the Dragon Mist spray!) I want to stick with the titanium, as it is so light and comfortable I don't ever feel it on my nose. Thanks!

Surrey, B.C.

Hey Kelly, this is Steve B.,the guy with the maddison.This is a cool thing dude,either people like it or hate it. Most people think it's a necklace, but when they look closer to see it they say, "wow man that's cool! l thought it was a chain, but that looks cool". It hasn't got infected at all and its doing fine thanks alot.

Steve B.

I was in to get my first piercing (since I had my ears done when I was 4!) and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I have been wanting to have it done for years and now I feel so great that I finally went through with it! Your facility is clean and comfortable and you really put me at ease throughout the procedure.(all 10 seconds of it!) Thanks again making the experience a great one. Good luck this summer at all of your events!

C. Reilly

I came to Westcoast looking for a custom piercing: A "v" shaped industrial. The staff was happy to assist me and was incredibly knowledgeable in how do this in a beneficial way to me. They took measurements, did mock-ups with q-tips; took every precaution to make sure things would go as smooth as possible, and it certainly did. I now have this lovely barbell (which they bent themselves) sitting perfectly at the top of my ear, with just a touch of space in between it and my anti-helix. The environment was clean and professional; I will definitely be back.


Kelly - Congrats on the website - very well done!! I began researching piercing & tattooing in '95. As a Mother & working in a professional field I took this decision seriously. I met Kelly in '02 & he was so different than any of the other artists. Finally, I did it!! I've had the privilege of getting to know Kelly on both a personal & professional level since then & quite simply stated he is a "Master" of this art. I was last pierced in March '09 - my Monroe is perfectly placed & I had no healing issues as the aftercare instructions are simple & effective. We wish you continued success Kelly!

Lori & Dave
Abbotsford, B.C.

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all the information you gave me yesterday on piercing after care... and scar care.
Also, the keloid treatment you suggested... after only four compresses I already see a difference. Beautiful! 
Thank you.I appreciate the time you spend with me. Amazing customer experience.

Kellie G.

I like Kelly and Logers knowledge in regards to branding! And they are very supportive throughout the process.

Leanne Marin

Just wanted to say how much we love your shop! I got my nose pierced at the beginning of last summer and it was really a great experience. My best friend also got her industrial done in October and we both loved our time in the shop. We definitely will be coming back, I’ve already got an appointment for my tongue! Everyone was friendly and really helped us understand how to properly take care of our piercings, and talked us through the whole thing.