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Two Daith piercings done with 16ga jeweled curved barbells by Anatometal

Piercing by Jewels

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  1. I had the daith piercing done for relief from migraine headaches. I actually had a migraine on the day I had this done. I was only planning on getting one side done, but when the first side was pierced, I felt all the pressure drain out of that side of my head! So I asked Jewels to do the other side too. Same thing happened.. As soon as the piercing was done, all the pressure drained from that side of my head! Since then (February 2016) I have only had 2 migraine headaches and 3 small headaches. Even then, the migraines did not last long. Prior to the piercings, I was taking Imitrex for pain and enduring 2 to 3 migraines each month lasting 5 to 7 days. Absolutely debilitating. These piercings changed my life.. I couldn't be happier!