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Michelle got her daith pierced, hoping for migraine relief. She chose a gold titanium barbel with orange opals.

Piercing by Jewels


  1. Is it normal for a piercer to take several minutes to do a daith piercing. I had mine done elsewhere and they couldn't get it all the way through my cartilage so it was time consuming and so painful.

    1. It shouldn't take more a few seconds for the needle to pass through the tissue. Sometimes the insertions of the jewelry can take longer than the piercing itself. Clients generally describe the piercing of more of feeling of pressure, rather than pain. Not everyone's anatomy is the same, so your ear could have been a little bit tougher for the needle to pass through.I hope your Daith healed nicely for you. I hope this answers your question. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.