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Jewels got more Jewel's for herself today!

She has 2 Princess Cut Mint Green jewels and 
a Tanzantine prong set jewel in her 
Triple Forward Helix.

Procedure was done by Kelly


  1. very pretty Julie! Love the colour too :)-shayna

  2. Just got my triple forward helix piercing done today. Loving it. Love Julie's jewellery. Where'd she get them from?

  3. They were pierced at Westcoast Piercing and Ink. The jewelry manufacturer is Anatometal. Westcoast Piercing and Ink carries this jewelry as regular stock.

  4. Hi Julie, what size gems are these? Does Westcoast ship abroad?

  5. The center jewel is 3mm and the other two are 2mm princess cut internally threaded ends. For us to ship these items to you would be quite expensive.
    If you go to, they have listed many distributors of their jewelry all over the world.I hope this helps.