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Double the ouch with this Double Spiral Ear Piercing

Procedure was done by Kelly


  1. Looks great! Makes me want to get more ear piercings...

  2. I am debating if I should get one or not. I got a Conch piercing in Orlando this past Spring Break. I have a total of 7 ear piercings now. But I wanted to know, if I have a cartilage piercing and I want another piercing right above that one so I can do the double spiral...would I have to widen the piercing that I have now in order to do so?
    The cartilage piercing that is below where I would like my next is about 8 years old. If I widden the hole will it hurt more?

  3. If the double spiral jewelry is a larger gauge than what your ear piercing currently is, you would need to stretch the existing piercing site to fit the new jewelry. If you are only stretching one gauge, i.e. 18ga-16ga, it would be considered a minor stretch. (little discomfort in most cases) Our double spirals are in both 14 and 16 gauge.