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Damage and Infection after being pierced with a piercing gun

This young lady was brought into the studio by a friend who thought her ear should be looked at. She didn't think there was a problem any longer since her ear no longer hurt. She had lost feeling in her ear, so she didn't realize the infection had spread further into her ear.

This is the front of her ear where we removed 2 piercings done with a gun. This poor unsuspecting girl has suffered huge hypotrophic scarring and deformed cartilage due to use of the unregulated spring in a piercing gun.

The photo was taken after removing the black necrotic tissue from her ear. It was so badly infected, she no longer felt any discomfort from the infection. After cleaning the area and removing the earrings, we advised her to see her doctor.

This is another pic of the girls ear from the back. We had to remove the embedded backing out of her ear. If you have or know anyone who has a nasty problem like this, please advise them to see a physician.