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Westcoast Piercing And Ink

Greetings, endorphin junkies and body modernists, welcome to Westcoast Piercing and Ink's Website. Things near and dear to our bones and bodies reside here. A gathering place for our fans, friends and the curious.

The Piercing Guy


Unit 1 13672 108 Avenue

Surrey, BC V3T 2K5


Sun, Wed, Thur, Fri - 12 to 7 pm

Saturday - 12 to 8 pm


(604) 584-2639 (BODY)

Dazzling Daith piercing done with a 14k Gold custom made clicker

Piercing done by Tatiana

Viking Raven tattoo

Tattoo done by Jayson

Taboo 2018

 Thanks to all that came to see us!

Upper Frenulum piercing with a titanium CBR and jeweled captive bead

Piercing done by Tatiana

Great Celtic Odin Tattoo

Tattoo done by Loger