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Westcoast Piercing And Ink

Greetings, endorphin junkies and body modernists, welcome to Westcoast Piercing and Ink's Website. Things near and dear to our bones and bodies reside here. A gathering place for our fans, friends and the curious.

The Piercing Guy


Unit 1 13672 108 Avenue

Surrey, BC V3T 2K5


Sun, Wed, Thur, Fri - 12 to 7 pm

Saturday - 12 to 8 pm


(604) 584-2639 (BODY)

Colourful tattoo of birds breaking away out of a feather

Tattoo done by John Nguyen

Dazzling Surface Anchor done with a 14k Marisol Diamond Threaded End by BVLA

Piercing done by Jewels

Cute Hummingbird Tattoo

Tattoo done by John

Adorable Mother and Baby tattoo

Tattoo done by John

Double Twister piercing in Ear Lobe

Piercing done by Jewels